- - Titanium "Samurai" Bike

Titanium "Samurai" Bike

The "Samurai" is the name given to the custom bike designed by Japanese designer, Kazushige Miyake, which is made entirely of titanium via advanced laser technology.

Inspired by both the samurai and his weapon of choice, the katana, Miyake’s bike is steeped in Japanese tradition. The design features a handcrafted titanium frame and parts made of Ti-6A1-4V alloy. The frame was handcrafted by Japanese artisans using the “Ebikan” technique of welding small fan-shaped pieces, the results of which, yielded tubing that is durable, lightweight, and smooth as a plate of armor.

Some of the other bike components were created with contemporary machinery. The steering column and rear end, for instance, were micro-lasered to achieve their respective cut and etched effects. These details make the road bike artful as well as tough, just like a skilled warrior.


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