- - WickWerks and Katie Compton Organize Auction to Honor Amy Dombroski

WickWerks and Katie Compton Organize Auction to Honor Amy Dombroski

WickWërks, along with Katie Compton have put some very special articles for auction in support of the AMY D. FOUNDATION.  WickWërks will be auctioning one set of their newest cyclocross rings – the 42/34 combination – along with a brand new Trek Cyclocross Collective jersey donated by Katie Compton.  The auction starts Monday, December 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm MST (6 PST, 9 EST) and will run till Monday, December 9, 2013 again at 7:00 pm MST.

Amy Dombroski, a top ranked American cyclocross elite, joined the WickWërks Crëw earlier this year.  Riding for the Young-Telnet Fidea team out of Belgium, she put WickWërks rings on her ‘cross bike and joined our cycling family.

Sadly, we did not get to ride together long.  Amy was killed in a tragic training accident in October in Belgium.

While she was a force to be reckoned with on the course, she was a gem off the bike.  We miss our friend who contributed so much to the sport of cycling with her passion for racing, and brought more still to the world with her wonderful heart.

Hatching an Idea

The sadness of Amy’s death coupled with many requests from you, our customers, about the new chainrings Katie Compton is riding this year came together in a moment as I considered the last set of the Compton special 42/34t rings.  The idea molded as we’ve discussed it, and I asked Katie if she need this last set. Her response was not only to support us, but also to donate one of her own (new) Trek Cyclocross Collective jerseys – an insulated, women’s large long-sleeve, with KfC on the collar – to go with the rings in the auction.

Special 42/34 WickWërks Chainrings

Many of you have noticed via magazines and online articles that Katie Compton is riding some special chainrings this year.  The newest set of WickWërks chainrings are a 42/34 tooth combination — a set designed in collaboration with nine-time national cyclocross champion, Katie Compton who has, to date, been the only cyclist racing this WickWërks combination.

Compton has ridden this combination to multiple domestic and international wins this season and currently leads the Cyclocross World Cup overall.

The rings are not yet available for sale — except now, This One Set.

The rings fit the SRAM Red Exogram (2012+), the SRAM Red 22, and the SRAM Force 22 cranks.  They were designed specifically for 11 speed cyclocross applications — designed to shift fast, shift reliably, and shift in the worst of cyclocross conditions.  Production rings will be available in early spring, but not in time for ‘cross nationals or for Worlds.  This is your one chance!  If you get the rings, you will be the only other person to be running this WickWërks combination this season.

The Amy D Foundation

The Amy D. Foundation encourages and supports girls on bikes, inspiring the celebration of healthy challenge and empowering the confident pursuit of lofty dreams.  These are ideas that we, too, share, and so we are excited to put our effort and these special products up for auction.  Hopefully, these items will generate a wonderful and substantial contribution in Amy’s honor – to benefit causes that Amy felt were important.  Oddly enough, those causes will, in many ways, grow and build this sport we all love.

For more information on the Amy D. Foundation, please visit and/

The Auction

This eBay auction is entirely for the benefit of the Amy D. Foundation.  We invite you to come and bid — and be generous in your bids — as we celebrate our friend and the sport we all love.  All proceeds from the auction go straight to the Amy D. Foundation.

So, place your bid on eBay item # 131060325163.  Perhaps you’ll be riding the fastest rings out there – looking great in a KfC original jersey – and doing good with every pedal stroke.



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