- - Lance Armstrong and Piers Morgan Exchange Bitter Quips on Twitter

Lance Armstrong and Piers Morgan Exchange Bitter Quips on Twitter


No sooner did the out-spoken British TV host, Piers Morgan, heap calumny on urban cyclists, calling them “cretinous busy-bodies”, amongst the many resentful Twitter followers who responded to his comment, was Lance Armstrong.

After a brief exchange of quips between the two, things digressed further, with Morgan going on a rampage of tweets attacking the disgraced cyclist, while also comparing him with the likes of political reprobates Bill and Hillary Clinton – a pain worse than any life-time ban from cycling  could ever inflict.

To wit:

“Nice guy that Lance Armstrong — a nasty, vengeful bully as well as the world’s biggest sporting cheat. 

“He’s the biggest cheat in sporting history and those still lauding him as a ‘brave hero’ need to ssssshhhh. @lancearmstrong #LiveWrong”

Just this month Morgan compared Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton to Armstrong. Referring to her defence for controversially accepting $675,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sachs between the end of her tenure as secretary of state and her current campaign for the presidential nomination, he wrote: “I carefully studied Hillary’s face as the CNN cameras closed in.

“It reminded me not just of [her husband] Bill’s when he was caught (regularly) with his pants down, but also of cycling cheat Lance Armstrong when he used to angrily insist he’d never (regularly) taken drugs.

“It’s a face of part fake innocence, part defiance, part anger and part indignation.

“And as with Bill and Lance, these lies are going to come back and bite Hillary where the sun don’t shine,” he added.

So far, there’s been no word from Goldman Sachs regarding Morgan’s tirade.

Perhaps, the British pound is trading higher than they can afford.  😛 


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