- - Adidas Launches New Cycling Specific Zonyk Aero Midcut Glasses

Adidas Launches New Cycling Specific Zonyk Aero Midcut Glasses

Whether exploring new roads or rolling up to the start line, Adidas says its new cycling specific Zonyk Aero Midcut glasses offer the protection and performance cyclists demand for their two-wheeled escapades. 

Zonyk Aero Midcut are the latest addition to Adidas’ range of Sports Essentials eyewear, which feature a lightweight, stable fit that allows cyclists to easily adapt to quick changes in terrain and weather conditions.

Adidas spent considerable time developing the ideal lens shape for the Zonyk Aero Midcut, resulting in a huge field of vision that even the smallest details are visible no matter how quickly one is riding. Moreover, to ensure the perfect vision, the lenses are customizable and available in a variety of options to match your needs such as polarized, mirror, eye fatigue reducing LST, automatically tint adjusting VARiO, and brand new LST+ VARiO combination.

The Zonyk Aero Midcut is available in a pro version, which comes with a removable sweat bar that directs the airstream towards the inside of the filters, aiding Adidas’ Climacool ventilation system and helping to reduce lens fogging.


  • New specifically shaped lenses for the best possible viewing experience.
  • New LST bright VARiO purple mirror filter option combining eye fatigue reducing LST technology with automatically adapting lens tint.
  • Quick-Change Lens System quick and easy exchange of the lenses possible.
  • Two sizes small and large frame option ensure best personal fit and comfort for men and women alike.
  • Traction Grip perfect stability and comfort thanks to non-slip contact points on the temples.
  • Double-Snap Nose Bridge comfortable fit and grip thanks to an adjustable nose bridge. Also includes additional extended nose bridge for individualization.
  • TRI.FIT three-position adjustable temples provide the best fit and minimize incoming wind and glare.
  • RX ready accommodates all vision abilities with clip-in inserts.

The Zonyk Aero Midcut Pro is available in eight different color and filter combinations.MSRP starting at $209.

The Zonyk Aero Midcut Aero basic (without sweat bar) is available in twelve different color and filter combinations.MSRP beginning at $159.





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