- - ALÉ Introduces Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Collection

ALÉ Introduces Fall/Winter 2018/2019 Collection

If you think we’re biased toward ALÉ cycling apparel just because we had our custom kits made by them, you’re right! And, our love of the Italian brand is further reinforced after seeing the launch of their glorious Fall/Winter collection for 2018/2019.

Indeed, now that the mercury is starting to fall across most parts of the world, ALÉ has seen fit to keep us cyclists warm and dry these seasons, stretching its extensive Fall/Winter collection across most of its range of apparel including their R-EV1, PR-S, PRR, KLIMATIK and KLIMATIK GUSCIO.

As one can glean, ALÉ’s latest cold weather collection encompasses everything from jackets, to bib-tights, jerseys, gloves, socks and shoe covers, designed to shield cyclists from even the harshest of riding conditions.

“The collection is the result of an accurate study on protective, breathable, and resistant fabrics and technical aspects to offer to all cyclists revolutionary solutions and new eye-catching designs. Thanks to the body mapping system, we could produce truly innovative garments, using different fabrics strategically paced on different parts of the body, says ALÉ.


The Clima protection collection allows cyclists to face several weather conditions, even the lowest temperatures. The innovative fabrics provide warmth and breathability, ensuring the body stays dry at all times. The R-EV1 comprises a series of multipurpose garments to satisfy every riding condition, while also providing increased visibility courtesy of strategically placed reflective details. 


The PR-S collection comes from ALÉ’s longtime collaboration with pro teams, resulting in maximum performance and comfort for long distances. In addition, the company’s Body Mapping System carefully positions the fabrics based on optimal breathability and protection.


The PRR is recognized and appreciated by everyone who choses it. Representing a mix of technology, striking color, breathable fabrics and bold designs the PRR series is one of ALÉ’s most popular collections. 


KLIMATIK is ALÉ’s answer to extreme riding conditions, offering a complete ranges of jerseys, jackets, bibshorts, bibtights and accessories specifically developed to shield riders during the harshest of conditions.


KLIMATIK GUSCIO is ALÉ’s most advanced collection of waterproof and thermo-taped garments, featuring packable light jackets and vests design to provide an added layer of protection from the elements. Furthermore, highly reflective inserts on the back improve visibility in cases of diminished light and extreme weather conditions.

You can see the full range of ALÉ’s Fall/Winter 2018/2019 collection by visiting their website here. 

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