- - Alpitude Shows-Off New Lightweight Leather-Clad Gardena Saddle

Alpitude Shows-Off New Lightweight Leather-Clad Gardena Saddle

If you’re looking for a stylish, lightweight perch, Alpitude might have answer with the latest version of its Gardena saddle, which now features a handmade Italian leather cover for slightly more comfort and added grip over its full-carbon counterpart.

Like the standard Gardena, the leather-clad model comprises the same two-piece carbon construction and carbon braided rails, sourcing its hide from Riccardo Migliorini of Officina del Miglio in Verona.

To further up the style quotient, Alpitude will treat the saddle’s carbon shell with the customer’s color of choice, creating tiny windows of color in the perforations of leather to add a bit of accent to his or her bike. 

Alpitude says the leather-adorned Gardena is available in widths of 128, 140 and 150mm with the same ergonomic cutout and curved shape as the standard Gardena saddle, which sells for a hefty 389€.


  • 245mm long
  • 92g for 128mm
  • 97g for 140mm
  • 101g for 150mm




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