- - AlterLock Launches Next Generation Anti-Theft Bike Alarm and GPS Tracking Device

AlterLock Launches Next Generation Anti-Theft Bike Alarm and GPS Tracking Device

AlterLock has unveiled its new Gen3 device that boasts a wave of new features and improved connectivity. Featuring a slight change of aesthetic from the popular Gen2 device, the new AlterLock sits discreetly under the bottle cage holder like its predecessor, with its slim and compact design.  The main change with the new AlterLock device is the switch from Sigfox and Bluetooth connectivity to LTE-M, NB-IoT and Bluetooth, providing a much-enhanced level of connection. Also, the new device communicates significantly faster than when using Sigfox with a much broader coverage area when activated.

This change now allows the new device to be used in the USA, joining the EU and Japan as regions where the device can be sold and utilized. Due to a current blockage on LTE-M access by the telecommunication provider, the new Gen3 device cannot be used in the UK for the time being, while the current Gen2 will continue to be made available until the situation is resolved.

How does AlterLock work?

The device uses built-in motion sensors – using a three-axis accelerometer with a uniquely developed algorithm for motion detection – which, when locked, activate upon movement alerting the rider’s smartphone. This also activates GPS tracking which uses a combination of GPS, WiFi signals and 4G base stations to ensure visibility in even the most remote locations. If the area is lacking in one of the signal types being used, the AlterLock switches automatically to the most effective positioning method to reduce positioning time.

The new device also features Accident Detection, triggering an SMS notification to emergency contacts in the event of an accident; an Auto-Lock function that switches between different methods of operation depending on signal strength, i.e. when you go far away enough from your bike. The battery life has been doubled, to 3-months, while the device also benefits from improved water resistance (insert water resistance).

“We’re committed to reducing the risk of bicycle theft and enhancing the joy of cycling,” explained AlterLock Lead Engineer, Kiyotake Teruyama. “Drawing from personal experiences and concerns about theft, we’re excited to unveil the latest generation ‘AlterLock’, an anti-theft device using IT and IoT technologies. Our promise is to alleviate cyclists’ worries and contribute to discovering new pleasures in cycling through technology.”

The new AlterLock device retails at $169.95, with its release scheduled for early summer 2024.  

You can find out more about AlterLock on the brand’s website here.

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