- - American Framebuilder Richard Sachs Celebrated at Columbus' "Soul of Steel" Exhibit

American Framebuilder Richard Sachs Celebrated at Columbus’ “Soul of Steel” Exhibit

American Richard Sachs was one of a handful of legendary framebuilders who were celebrated at Columbus’ Anima d’acciaio: il design della bicicletta (Soul of Steel) in Milan this month.

Sachs has been building artisan frames from Columbus steel for nearly fifty years, earning himself the distinction as America’s Dean of framebuilding, or as I like to say the Ipsissimus of Steel. 

Over the years, Sachs has collaborated with other premier framebuilders such as the late Dario Pegoretti, with whom he developed a special Columbus tubing called PegoRichie. 

Sachs spoke about his years working in Columbus steel, which will be chronicled in an up-and-coming documentary about his career.




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