- - Kask Launches New "Open" Cycling Glasses

Kask Launches New “Open” Cycling Glasses


KOO which is a division of Kask helmets, has launched a new pair of cycling glasses called Open, which marks the brand’s first entrance into the optics market.

Perhaps the biggest standout feature about the Open, is its unique flip-in temple design, which cleverly rotates at the hinge point that allows both temples to turn inward for storage.

In addition, the same feature allows the wearer to also adjust the angle of the lens on the fly as well.

KOO says the Open is designed to fit ideally with the Kask Protone helmet, with a perfect fit between the shape of the temples and the contour of the helmet.

Additionally, the nose bridge is adjustable as well, which also includes a smaller size bridge too.

According to KOO, lens changes are simple with the new Open, wherein the simple flip of the glasses’ retaining tabs on the frame allows for the quick and easy removal of the lens – and vice versa.

Not surprisingly, the Opens’ lens come from the the high end German brand – Zeiss, which consists of both a multi-layer dark and clear lens.

The cost of the Open is $239 for the twin lens set, with the option of adding a third photocromatic lens for an extra $50.

The glasses are available in 12 colors, which are designed to match a wide range of Kask helmets – especially the Protone.

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