- - BikeBus Offers Cyclists Spin Classes While Riding the Bus

BikeBus Offers Cyclists Spin Classes While Riding the Bus


Living and working in an urban area can stymie the regimen of even the most dedicated cyclist from getting out on a ride.

Indeed, the thought of loading the bike in car and driving to the outskirts, or suffering through commuter traffic, in order to find the open road, can be can positively discouraging to many cyclists. 

However, instead of missing out on a ride, there’s a private bus service in Boston called BikeBus, that can provide cyclists with the workout they need, by offering onboard spin classes, as they make their way along the city’s coordinates.      

Founded by husband and wife, Eric and Seema Brodie, in 2015, BikeBus takes a standard-size city bus and rigs it with stationary bikes instead of seats, allowing its passengers to take part in a high-intensity spin class. 

The Brodies say their inspiration to create BikeBus, was to combat chronic diseases often linked with inactivity, which can be central to the lives of most city-dwellers.

“Everyone experiences painful commutes, and that is the primary reason we’ve developed this, is to prevent sedentary life taking over our existence,” said Seema Brodie.


Designed with the help of structural engineers, the bus is equipped with eight stationary bikes, which according to Brodie, satisfies all safety regulations and concerns. 

“As far as safety goes, you’re already going to have your hands on the handlebars, and your feet either clipped or caged in, so your extremities are fairly stable,” he said.

BikeBus currently operates like a charter, picking up a group of eight cyclists and taking them anywhere that’s accessible by bus, for an hourlong ride/workout for $299. 

“The bread and butter for our operation has been private parties, bachelor parties, or corporate wellness events,” said Eric Brodie. “We just got a request for someone who’s turning 50 to take a bus from Beacon Hill and we’re going to be dropping them off in Brookline, where they’re going to have brunch.”

For the Brodies, their current BikeBus model is both a novelty and a prototype, with greater aspirations for the future.

“We are hopeful that our next bus can focus more on efficiency and sustainability, such as a hybrid electric that would allow us to capture some of the power generated by the riders,” Brodie said. “Stay tuned.” 

Our thoughts? Charlie never had it this good on the MTA! 

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Our Story

Transforming unhealthy sedentary time into healthy active time with our innovative & fun fitness solution

After collectively gaining skills in the legal, health, and transportation fields, plus getting inspiration from family to think outside the box, we embarked on a journey to transform both the fitness and transportation worlds. Our busy lives cause us to sit a lot, and doctor’s now say, “Sitting is the new smoking.” We felt the need to do something about this public health problem. We created a group cycling studio that moves as you exercise, even while you’re stuck in rush hour traffic! No more painful commutes. No more stress, because you get to leave the driving to us. No more trekking over to the gym when you’ve now got a fitness studio that picks you up at your office or home, making it easier than ever to break free from sitting at your desk or sitting on your couch.

We also wanted to make this experience fun, social, and exciting! After evaluating the various group exercises that would apply in this setting, group cycling (aka indoor cycling or “spinning”) was the perfect fit. Group cycling combines the power of collective energy, motivational instruction, therapeutic music, a low-impact workout, and a fun environment. We have group cycling instructor certifications from Schwinn and take great pride in teaching proper form.

We also put a lot of thought into the studio’s design and atmosphere. It is spacious, well-lit, and well-ventilated with an added air-purification system. We provide complimentary towels, water, and fruit displayed in wicker baskets, so you feel like you just entered a spa. We have coat hooks and bins for your belongings. We have leather seats for you to change into cycling shoes or simply to relax after a ride. Our enormous windows allow you to absorb the great outdoors, particularly when the ride takes you on mountains, around lakes, and even over Boston’s scenic bridges. Say no to sedentary life during Boston’s brutal winters, because our climate-controlled environment allows you to get on board any time of year!

We were thrilled when a structural engineer approved our custom-made, patent-pending safety design which made all of this possible. We were equally enthusiastic when the Transportation Oversight Division of Massachusetts’ Department of Public Utilities granted us a license to operate after examining our vehicle and safety design!

We hope to see you on board soon!!

Warmest regards,
Eric & Seema Brodie






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