- - BMC Launches All-New Speedmachine

BMC Launches All-New Speedmachine

BMC is hoping to cheat the wind with the launch of its all-new Speedmachine, an intense design, research and testing project that spanned some 5-years, resulting in what the Swiss brand claims is the “ultimate time-trial and triathlon bike”.

“Engineers at our Impec Lab started this project with the aim of solving a problem – how to perfectly align stability, aerodynamics, fit and integration to produce the fastest bike in the world. The all-new Speedmachine was reappraised from the ground up to produce groundbreaking handling characteristics via radical head tube angle, rake and trail dimensions.  The integrated hydration unit aids handling and aerodynamics, positioned low above the bottom bracket junction, with internal, easy to clean hydration tube routing, enabling the rider to stay in position and aero. The hydration bottle is supplied in two sizes, with an easily removable 1.2L reservoir, leaving the UCI-compliant 400ml tank in position and accessible while tucked. Triathletes will benefit from the built-in rear storage and light both positioned behind the seat tube which are integrated and designed with aerodynamics in min. With a wider range of options between base bars, extensions and stack, athletes can remain in their preferred aero position for longer, and this added stability also provides the opportunity to ride deeper section wheels,” boasts BMC.

Working with RBAT, the engineering company that’s synonymous with the multiple world championship winning Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team, the new Speedmachine underwent extensive research and testing, followed by real world testing that went beyond the confines of the wind tunnel.  

As a result, BMC was able to fine-tune the Speedmachine’s aerodynamic signature, revamping tube shapes and eliminating hard-trailing edges in order to not only optimize airflow, but to vastly reduce weight as well, shaving as much as 500 grams over the previous Timemachine 01 Disc.

Integration also played a major role in the development of the new Speedmachine, which features a fully-integrated frameset, as well as a fully integrated cockpit. Moreover, triathletes are treated to more add on integrated storage solutions such as the previously mentioned hydration box that sits just above the bottom bracket, along with a semi-internal/external hydration hose that can access either the bike’s 1.2L reservoir, or a smaller 400ml bottle/water tank.

Elsewhere, the Speedmachine comprises what BMC calls a SharkFin, a canard that’s been molded into the underside of the fork crown, an element taken right out of the pages of Formula 1 engineering that’s designed to reduce air turbulence around the top edge of the front wheel and divert airflow away from the down tube, while tire clearance has been increased from 27mm to 30mm.

The new Speedmachine will be available starting in November, which will be offered as a stand-alone frameset that includes seatpost, bars, hydration module and rear storage unit for $6,999, or in the following two build options:

  • Speedmachine 01 ONE, equipped with a SRAM Red eTap AXS groupset and Zipp 858 NSW wheelset for $16.999
  • Speedmachine 01 TWO, equipped with a SRAM Force AXS groupset and DT Swiss ARC 1650 wheels for $10,999




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