- - Body Rocket Announces World’s First Real-Time Aerodynamic Drag Force Measurement System

Body Rocket Announces World’s First Real-Time Aerodynamic Drag Force Measurement System

Body Rocket, the tech startup behind the world’s first and only real-time aerodynamic drag force measurement system for cyclists and triathletes, has unveiled its first road bike prototype.

While wind tunnels are widely considered the gold standard in accurately measuring aerodynamics. there are only a limited number in existence. These facilities can be expensive to use and are often reserved for athletes at the very top level of sport, despite being the most sought-after performance gain for road cyclists and triathletes around the world.

Even if access wasn’t an issue, wind tunnels require an expert to interpret the data while the rider is limited to a static position. Therefore, laboratory conditions don’t always translate to riding in the real world for longer periods or over multiple rides.

The Body Rocket system uses a series of wireless, proprietary force sensors located at all the rider contact points – the handlebar/stem, seatpost/saddle and pedals, coupled with an out-front mounted airspeed sensor.

The system measures, and then transmits, rider CdA data directly into a Garmin head unit, giving live feedback on a rider’s aerodynamics and body position. From there, AI-driven analysis software guides users through the process and helps them track their progress over time, without them needing to become aero experts.

Previously focused on the time trial and long-distance triathlon sectors, Body Rockett is expanding its horizons. With the Paris 2024 Olympics approaching, the brand is leveraging the event where sponsored athlete and reigning Olympic triathlon champion, Kristian Blummenfelt, aims to defend his title.

The Olympic triathlon’s draft-legal format, which uses road bikes, prompted Body Rocket to accelerate its road bike technology development. They’ve outfitted one of Blummenfelt’s Giant Propel bikes with a new system, including a custom prototype stem that contains the same technology as their TT/triathlon aerobar sensor. This prototype is also compatible with the Propel’s integrated seatpost, and retains the original pedal sensors and bottle cage-mounted prototype receiver box.

Additionally, Body Rocket introduced their latest airspeed sensor, marking a significant step toward their commercial product launch.

This new road bike integration will allow Blummenfelt to benefit from hundreds of hours of training to aero ahead of the Olympics, with no detriment to his regular training plan. Meanwhile other top competitors will likely only have access to a handful of hours of fixed-position wind tunnel testing, which requires a disruption to their on-bike training.

Eric DeGolier, Founder of Body Rocket, said, “aerodynamics is critical in every discipline of cycling, and road bikes have always been part of our plan. With the recent changes to the handlebar and brake lever rules, and the new narrow bars made to address it, there is a lot to learn, and with this new prototype, nobody will have as much time to learn as Kristian.”

This latest announcement comes as Body Rocket opens pre-registration for its latest funding round on Crowdcube.

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