- - BONCHO: A Bicycle Poncho Designed to Put the Brakes on the Rain

BONCHO: A Bicycle Poncho Designed to Put the Brakes on the Rain

The BONCHO is an example of marketing genius when it comes to creating a clever moniker.

Take the word bike and combine it with poncho, and at last you have BONCHO. We kid!

Joking aside, the Dutch cycling brand, Vanmoof, has created a new product that’s aimed at putting the brakes on the rain, and keeping the dedicated urban cyclists dry.

Instead of using some fussy attachment, the BONCHO functions very similar to a conventional rain poncho, wherein a semi-rigid section extends over the handlebars, and attaches by way of two fabric strips that are held in place by the cyclist’s hands, which in turn covers his or her legs from the rain and keeps them dry.

The BONCHO is fully waterproof, lightweight, breathable and durable. Vanmoof also says it can be used with bike helmets, both large and small, by either wearing underneath or on top. And, when it’s not in use, the BONCHO can be easily packed away into its own compact carry pouch.

To learn more about the BONCHO, check their current Kickstarter campaign at:



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