- - Bopworx Bike Protection for Transport and Storage

Bopworx Bike Protection for Transport and Storage

Protect your bicycle from life’s inevitable knocks and scrapes while in transit or storage using the Bopworx system of accessories

Dread scratching your coveted bike during transport or storage? Or worse, risk scratching your vehicle too, then check out these clever accessories by Bopworx. They might be just the trick you need, to help avoid knocks and scrapes on the two things you treasure the most.     


…a few years ago while traveling up the west coast of the USA in an RV with our four young kids…and six bikes. Every time we had to load and unload the bikes it was a time-consuming ordeal. This also did nothing to prevent damage while the bikes were jostled around while we were driving. This got us thinking about possible solutions, starting with the easiest and most at-hand: towels, gloves, etc. We soon realized that all types of cyclists faced these same issues, whether traveling by car, plane, or simply storing at home.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be no solution to this problem. At every bicycle shop we visited, the staff clearly understood the problem and yet had no solution to help us! Nothing on the internet as well. This lit a fire with Paul and set him to thinking about possible solutions. We soon were looking at cars with bike racks wherever we went, thinking about solutions for all the preventable yet damage-causing situations that occur when traveling with your bicycle.

We have now spent the last two years developing these six products and a number of additional ones yet to be released. We’ve worked with local cyclists here in Ireland and retailers to repeatedly test new generations of prototypes and continuously evolve the design. We’ve purposefully engineered these products to be as universal as possible, usable for cyclists of all types, whether racing, mountain biking, or just on a family vacation, as we were. We hope Bopworx products can help you on your next cycling adventure.


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