- - Brekr Launches New Model F eBike

Brekr Launches New Model F eBike

Looking more like a 1970’s minibike than a modern-day pedelec, Brekr has launched its latest eBike called the Model F, boasting a minimalist silhouette that’s propelled by a robust two-speed Bafang rear hub motor.

The Model F bears a striking resemblance to the Dutch brand’s Model B, featuring the same belt-drive system (albeit with pedals), while giving buyers a choice between a standard 540Wh battery, or a 720Wh option that extends the range of the bike from 37 miles to 46 miles, depending on the terrain.

Weighing in at a hefty 64 pounds, the Model F won’t win any plaudits from the weight weenies faction. But, given its hefty 4 inch fat tires and generous, height adjustable seat, there’s enough rubber between the bike and the road to comfortably transport two passengers along the cityscape. 

The Model F sells for €2,945, with availability slated for autumn. 





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