- - British Supercar Brand Ariel Takes Aim at Bike Segment with New Dash eBike

British Supercar Brand Ariel Takes Aim at Bike Segment with New Dash eBike

Known for its radical Atom and Nomad supercars, the British brand Ariel has taken aim at the bike segment with the launch of its new Dash eBike.

Interestingly, the Dash isn’t Ariel’s first foray into producing bikes, with models dating as far back as 1871 with the launch if its Pennyfarthing-style “Ordinary”.  

Jumping ahead 92 years, Ariel is back with an all-new eBike that builds on the automakers’ engineering expertise, featuring a mix of titanium and carbon fiber to create the Dash, tipping the scales at an impressive 10.9 kilos that places it amongst some of the lightest eBikes on the market.

Available in two guises, the “Urban” and the “Adventure”, both bikes possess the same titanium and carbon frameset, however, they differ in terms of geometry, drivetrain and other specifications that are “aimed to suit the handling characteristics, riding positions and use scenarios of each model”.

As its name implies, Dash Urban is a city-focussed bike that features a single-speed, Gates belt-drive set-up to deliver a simple and easy riding experience with a power-assisted range of up to 45 miles (72 kilometers), or 80 miles (129 kilometers) with a range extender battery, while the Dash Adventure is aimed at road and gravel duties thanks to a Shimano GRX820 1×12 drivetrain, providing up to 50 miles (80 kilometers) of power-assisted riding and 95 miles (153 kilometers) with a range extender battery as well.

In the case of electric motors, the Urban gets its power courtesy of a Mahl X35+ system that offers 250 watts of power and 40Nm of torque, while the Adventure is equipped with the company’s higher torque X20 motor that can provide 55Nm of torque, making it more suited to off-road riding.

Much like Ariel’s bespoke process on the automotive side, the Dash can be configured with optional finishes, along with a host of component extras such as brakes, handlebars, mudguards and integrated lights.  

The Urban and Adventure are available in four frame sizes, with pricing starting at £8,320 and £9,160, respectively.  

For more information on the Dash, you can check out the bikes on Ariel’s website.



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