- - Brompton Light Up Concept Bike

Brompton Light Up Concept Bike

Brompton Bicycle has partnered with Darkside Scientific to produce a concept light up bike which uses the world’s first sprayable electroluminescent coating, developed by Lumilor. Interest in Lumilor as a functional and decorative light source has attracted attention from a wide spectrum of industries including automotive, aerospace, advertising and more.

The Lumilor is well perceived by the eye at night and its single frequency monochromatic light is visible from a great distance. Brompton’s use of Lumilor has enabled them to introduce a night time visibility feature that combines aesthetics with function. The eye catching nature of this Brompton bike increases the visibility of those traveling in cities. This is a concept to test the feasibility of a light up bike. There is no planned production date at this stage, but the aim is to release the bike within 18 months.

Stephen Loftus, Brompton Bicycle’s Chief Marketing & Sales Officer had this to say:

“Brompton’s vision is to transform city living across the world. To achieve this we will continue to increase our investment in design and innovation, with projects like the Light Up bike and the Black Edition at the forefront. The move to the new factory will increase our capability and accelerate our development process.”

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