- - Brooks Offers Special Edition Jermey Collins B17 Saddle

Brooks Offers Special Edition Jermey Collins B17 Saddle

Brooks has teamed up with Jeremy Collins to create a new special edition version of its leather B17 saddle, aptly called the B17 Special Jeremy Collins.

“Born from the mind of artist Jeremy Collins, our newest B17 Special pairs classic leather saddle comfort with a limited-edition design that promises to add a bit more adventure to every journey by bike”, boasts Brooks. 

The special edition B17 features intricately detailed illustrations that draw upon Collins’ vast body of work, from canvases and sketchbooks to the cover of National Geographic magazine, and now the surface of a Brooks leather saddle.

More specifically, the saddle reflects Collins’ recent bikepacking adventure that took the American artist through the Italian Dolomites, with intricate, laser-etched details that depict his journey – including a meandering snake making its way through the brush in all-manner of Brooks’ usual, exquisite attention to detail. 

The special edition saddle sells for $320, which can be purchased directly from Brooks here.


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