- - Cervélo Unveils New T5GB Track Bike Developed Specifically for British Cycling

Cervélo Unveils New T5GB Track Bike Developed Specifically for British Cycling


Cervélo unveiled its new T5GB track bike today, which was developed specifically for British Cycling’s TeamGB for this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio.

However, other than saying that the T5GB is the result of hundreds of hours of computer simulation and wind tunnel testing, and it draws heavily upon technology derived from the Formula 1 racing industry, both Cervélo and British Cycling are being tacit on the full details of the new track bike. 

“The challenge of developing the T5GB was significant,” said Cervélo engineering director Sean McDermott. “British Cycling’s track team is at the top of its sport, and its innovative approach has certainly contributed to that success.”

According to British Cycling, they began working with Cervélo on the project back in May of last year, with the goal of optimizing the bike in preparation for the 2016 Rio Games.

“The uniquely short time frame and ambitious targets made this a challenging project, but now that the new bike is ready, it’s clear that it was well worth it. We can’t wait to see the T5GB in action in Rio,” added Sean McDermott.

Tony Purnell, head of technical development for the Great Britain Cycling Team, said: “The intelligence and expertise brought together by the partnership between British Cycling and Cervélo is unparalleled and, in record time, has delivered a bike which we are very excited about as we get closer to Rio.”

“Over recent years, our program has produced some of the very best track cyclists in the world, as is evidenced by their tremendous success in recent Olympic and Paralympic Games. It is our constant aim to ensure that the best athletes in the world are supported by the best equipment in the world. It’s about the detail – achieving the very best of everything.”

“This means that, even after the fantastic success we enjoyed at London 2012, we have been determined to work alongside Cervélo to build and improve on the equipment that has served us so well in the recent past. Without question, this bike represents that quest for continuous improvement.”


from British Cycling…

British Cycling’s official bicycle partner, Cervélo, has launched the bike that Britain’s best track cyclists will ride in their quest for glory at Rio 2016.

The Cervélo T5GB has been collaboratively developed by the Toronto-based manufacturers and British Cycling, bringing together world-leading experts from both organisations.

The British-made bike – developed over the course of hundreds of hours of wind-tunnel analysis, stress testing and computer simulation – will be the most aerodynamic model the Great Britain Cycling Team has ever ridden, and despite being extremely light is built to withstand the power and force produced by some of the world’s best track riders.

The T5GB has been developed using expertise from Formula 1, with work on the bike’s development taking place at sites in Oxford, Leicestershire, Nottingham and California, as well as British Cycling’s Manchester base, the National Cycling Centre. Its development has also been supported by the Research and Innovation (R&I) team at the English Institute of Sport (EIS) which aims to ensure British athletes are among the best equipped in the world.

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