- - Classified Announces New Partnership with Firefly Bicycles

Classified Announces New Partnership with Firefly Bicycles

Classified has announced its latest partnership with Firefly Bicycles, with plans to equip the purveyor of bespoke titanium bikes with its innovative wireless gearing system and carbon wheelsets, marking the Belgian brand’s first collaboration with an American bike company. 

Classified’s drivetrain replaces the traditional front derailleur with a wireless, 2-speed system, which is integrated into the rear wheel hub, resulting in instantaneous gear changes that’s compatible with 11 and 12 speed rear derailleurs, earning the company both the Eurobike Gold Award and the Design and Innovation Award this year.

“Firefly is always on the lookout for the best components available to use on its bikes.” says Tyler Evans, co-owner of Firefly. “We were very impressed by the concept of the Classified system when we first learned about it, and then were completely sold the instant we saw it in person and test rode it on one of our bikes. The shifting speed, ability to shift while coasting, and wide gear range without the need for a super wide cassette or two chainrings all have the potential to be game changers for many of our customers. Such dramatic and well-executed innovation is rare to see, and we’re proud to partner with Classified to offer their brilliant system on our bikes.”

Firefly will offer the Classified system on its Road, Road Plus, All-Road and Cross models, starting in the spring of 2022 for orders in our queue and on all future orders.

As with all of Firefly’s bikes, the exact component and frame options are custom for every bike, and complete bike prices range from about $9000-$15000 depending on the component selection and frame options.

“We are thrilled to team up with Firefly as our first US partner” says Mathias Plouvier, CEO of Classified. We see a great potential in the US as we get a lot of requests from customers there. Through our partnership with Firefly, we can now give these customers the opportunity to equip the bike of their dreams with our unique shifting technology.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Classified’s recent partnership with Officine Mattio, M83 and Storck to equip their gravel bikes with the Belgian component specialist’s Powershift system. 

With already more than 200 dealers in Europe and the USA, Classified’s dealer network is growing fast. Furthermore, the number of partnerships with bicycle brands is also growing rapidly. Firefly is the 9th OEM to partner with Classified.

Classified will attend the CABDA EAST bike expo in New York City on December 8 and 9, where you can see the Firefly Ti All-Road with the Classified Powershift system at booth 430.





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