- - Copenhagen Puts in a Bid to host the Tour de France Grand Départ

Copenhagen Puts in a Bid to host the Tour de France Grand Départ


The city of Copenhagen, Denmark officially place a bid this week, to host a future Grand Départ of the Tour de France between 2019-2021. 

Following the success of recent foreign Grand Departs, cities and countries are vying more and more to host the opening stages of the French Grand Tour. Tour.

Frank Jensen, the Mayor of Copenhagen and Troels Lund Poulsen, Minister of Trade and Growth, delivered a message from their Prime Minister to Tour director Christian Prudhomme.

“We are proud to receive Copenhagen’s official candidature, which underlines the attraction that the Tour can have outside of France”, Prudhomme said upon receiving the application.

He continued, “showcasing the Tour abroad is to also showcase France. Of course, it would be a huge challenge because it would be the northernmost start in the Tour’s history.”

For Mayor Jensen, the bid represents a celebration of the bicycle and further serves to cement Copenhagen’s status as a cycling city.

“Copenhagen is known around the world as a cycling city and the Tour is one of the most liked sporting events among Danes. This would be a unique opportunity to show off our country and to encourage the rest of the world to take up cycling,” said Jensen.

Poulsen added the bid would help to demonstrate the importance of the bicycle in Danish daily life, while showcasing it’s countryside to an international audience.

“Denmark has a lot to offer the Tour de France. This is a cycling nation and we could show how cycling plays a major role in our daily lives. The stages we have planned will also offer a sumptuous backdrop for the peloton and television viewers, between historic cities and emblematic landmarks.”

Previous capital cities to have hosted the Tour’s grand depart are Amsterdam, Brussels, Berlin, Luxembourg, London, and Paris. The 2017 Tour de France will start in Düsseldorf, its first German grand depart since West Berlin in 1987.

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