- - Crossing Israel's Negev Desert by Bike

Crossing Israel’s Negev Desert by Bike


The Negev is a rocky desert in the south of Israel, covering almost half of the country, and extending from the Mediterranean area in the North-West, to the drier and hotter area in the South close to Eliat, the southest city of Israel, on the shores of the Red Sea.

Arid and dry, but with some rain in the areas closer to the Mediterranean sea, the Negev is home to huge box canyons or “craters”, and endless dry river beds, a perfect landscape for our cameras and bikes.

Here, adventure cyclists Marc Gasch and Diego Grasa are accompanied by local cycling guide Nimi Cohen during a three-day “self-supported” trek across the Negev. 


Relying upon only a couple of transfer stations to get outside of the city of Tel Aviv, the trio soon found themselves amongst the wide-open expanse of the desert.


However, knowing they were truly in the middle of the desert, with no people, water, food or means of communication anywhere in sight, the three cyclists knew they had to be adequately prepared.


The following video chronicles the challenges they faced during their excursion, which took them across 120 miles of desert with more than 3,000 feet of climbing.




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