- - The Cycling Art of Tomski and Polanski

The Cycling Art of Tomski and Polanski

Did you hear the one about the Polish hunters? They saw a sign on the side of the road that said “Bear Left”, so they went home.  😛

Ok, so this joke has nothing to do with either art or cycling, nor is the artistic duo of Tomski and Polanski from Poland. Nevertheless, given the current overreach political correctness has these days (it’s a wonder that anyone can even try to be funny), I couldn’t resist being a little bit irreverent.

Besides, the United States seems to be at the center of international irreverence nowadays.  🙄 

In any case, the cycling art of Tomski and Polanski (aka Lukas Tomek and Ilona Polanskaactually hails from the Czech Republic, which continues to be a rising source of all things cycling.

Indeed, given its long-standing history of producing top cyclists in the sport, its ongoing contribution to innovative bike design, or in this case art, the Czech Republic has always possessed a love and fascination for cycling.

The artwork of Tomski and Polanski extols that passion with a series of illustrations that gives cycling more than just life, it becomes allegory.




Tomski and Polanski

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