- - DT Swiss Offers New Pressure-Specific Tire Sealants

DT Swiss Offers New Pressure-Specific Tire Sealants

DT Swiss is offering two new tubeless sealants that are designed for low and high-pressure tires thanks to the brand’s pressure-specific formulas.

The low-pressure sealant is designed to work with tires with large air volumes, such as gravel and MTB tires, while the high-pressure sealant is aimed at high-pressure road bike tires.

According to DT Swiss, its Low Pressure sealant can seal holes up to 6mm, while the High Pressure variant can fix cuts up to 3mm.

Additionally, DT Swiss says the Low Pressure sealant is optimized for pressures up to 65psi, with a maximum rating of 80psi, while its High Pressure sealant is designed for pressures ranging from 58psi to 108psi, with a maximum pressure of 130psi. In addition, the smaller-sized bottles feature a pointed nozzle for administering sealant directly into valve stems or tight breaks in tire beads.

The Low Pressure Tubeless sealant sells for $20.40 for a 240ml bottle, while a liter costs $62.70. 

The High Pressure Tubeless Sealant is only available in a 60ml bottle that’s priced at $17.60



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