- - Dynaplug Enters the Road Tubeless Market

Dynaplug Enters the Road Tubeless Market

As the tubeless road segment has gained prominence and more wheel and tire manufacturers are fully supporting tubeless road setups, Dynaplug is ready to meet the requirements with the launch if its latest Air Road and Carbon Ultralite Road Racer kits.

Each tool has been redesigned specifically for the needs of the modern road cyclist, providing puncture repair and inflation options to expedite the flat repair.

Optimized for tires from 700 x 23-32, Dynaplug’s new proprietary “road” length insertion tubes allow easy plugging without the need to navigate knobs or extra volume from bigger rubber.

Along with Road insertion tubes, Dynaplug also announces the launch of Road plugs, eliminating excess size so the plug won’t rub against the frame or fork on tighter clearances associated with road, gravel or adventure frames.

Dynaplug Air Road Kit:

Made in the USA and available in black and vibrant anodized color options, the Dynaplug Air Road tackles multiple jobs with one tool.

A thread-on CO2 cartridges help refill precious volume to tires while simultaneously plugging punctures. With a thread-on hose included the tool doubles as a CO2 inflator when that’s all required of the job. 

Dynaplug Air Road Kit Includes:

  • Dynaplug Air tool – Road
  • 4 soft tip repair plugs (Road length plugs sold separately)
  • Air Hose with Presta adaptor
  • 2 Meerkat Magic 16 gram C02’s
  • Road Insertion tube

Dynaplug Carbon Road  Racer Kit:

At 14 grams, the Dynaplug Carbon Road Racer is the lightest tire plugging tool in the world, making it an ideal companion for weight-conscious road cyclists.

With its small form factor, it can be neatly stowed on your bike (with included mount), saddlebag, or jersey pocket. Also, the Dynaplug Carbon Road Racer Kit is now optimized with Road length insertion tubes scaled for Road tires and compatible with both shorter Road and standard soft tip repair plugs.

Dynaplug Carbon Road Racer Kit Includes:

  • 1 – Dynaplug Carbon Racer – Road
  • 5 – Standard Soft Nose Plugs
  • 1 – Pipe cleaner
  • 1 – Cage Mount Silicone Holder
  • $47.99 MSRP
  • Weight: 14 grams

Dynaplug Road Plugs:

Launching alongside the new Dynaplug Road tools, Road plugs measure significantly shorter than standard plugs, making road tire repair significantly easier.

The smaller size allows the plugs to work with road frames and forks, which have tighter tolerances. The plugs are constructed from viscoelastic rubber impregnated cord and non-abrasive brass tip, specially designed to be inserted directly into a puncture.

“A repair can last the life of your tire if installed correctly,” boasts Dynaplug. 

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