- - Endura Introduces Updated MT500 Collection of Waterproof Apparel

Endura Introduces Updated MT500 Collection of Waterproof Apparel

Redesigned in conjunction with mountain bike royalty, Rachel, Gee and Dan Atherton, Endura has introduced the latest version of its MT500 collection of waterproof apparel.

Indeed, Endura has overhauled its best-selling MT500 Waterproof Jacket, MT500 Waterproof Onesie Jacket and the MT500 Waterproof Shorts and Trousers, offering improved protection from the elements, along with better fit and an array of new options. 


Endura’s iconic, class-leading MT500 Waterproof Jacket has been overhauled to ensure it keeps up with the demands of the progressive world of mountain biking. The jacket is available in a men’s and a women’s version, which retains all of the features of the previous model plus the addition of more pockets, various venting options and an adjustable hood, along with new stying details and a slightly slimmer fit.

For instance, the new 2-way zips on the front pockets double as vents, while the construction of the hood and adjustment system have been improved so that the hood can now be worn over a helmet. 

Additionally, the MT500 waterproof collection boasts the new ExoShell40DR fabric, offering the same breathability and waterproof ratings as the standard ExoShell40, but with fully sealed seams and a soft touch, high wicking mesh inner layer that efficiently moves moisture away from the cyclist’s skin thanks to a super-fine fluorine free membrane sandwiched in the middle.

As with all of Endura’s waterproof apparel, ExoShell40DR is treated with an environmentally friendly PFC free DWR treatment. This fabric is also certified as having been made in a way that eliminates harmful substances from the supply chain; ensuring that products are safe for consumers, workers and the environment.

Rachel Atherton, six time DH MTB World Champion, says this about the MT500 Jacket, “I like the vents. If you’re climbing and it’s windy and drizzling, you’re still aerated and fresh. You can tie it around your waist, and it’s light enough to put in your bag. It’s perfect really…You can fit your pads on and your back plate, and you’re still comfortable to ride.”


Updated for this year, the MT500 Waterproof OneSie II keeps the same one piece, split front design for maximum mud protection and comfortable fit, while significant changes have been made to the construction around the rear with the “jacket” tail, allowing it to extend further down. Moreover, a gusseted attachment to the waistband improves fit with less pulling in this crucial area, which also allows for more height accommodation. The Onesie II also features more of a jacket and pants “separates” look, along with a more heavily “treated” rear area for improved waterproofing.

“I would say if you’re born in the UK you should be given a waterproof onesie when you’re born, because you need it all the time,” says Rachel Atherton.

Dan Atherton, former UK national champion and current passionate trail builder, adds, “honestly, no joke, I wake up in the morning and I put it on, and that’s me, all day. It’s surprisingly durable as well, not only to ride in but I’m working in it all day as well. So it’s getting a hammer as I’m on the diggers and carrying logs and basically giving it a thrashing, not just on the bike. It’s amazing.”


Endura has also made significant improvements to the latest iteration of its MT500 Waterproof Trouser II and MT500 Waterproof Short II, which also feature the new ExoShell40DR fabric, as well a new construction such as stretch panels for a more articulated fit and unrestricted movement. They also feature water resistant pockets, an extra durable seat panel, knee pad compatible fit, belt loops and a zipped fly popper closure.

The MT500 Waterproof Trouser II also has long 2-way water repellent side zips that make them easier to get on and off, while the top half of the zippers double as thigh vents with mesh gussets.

Gee Atherton says this about the MT500 Jacket and MT500 Trousers, “and that satisfying feeling at the end of the day: you just like literally zip the jacket off, zip the sides up of the bottoms, and then even with your shoes on you can just put your trousers off, and you’re so clean underneath and so dry, it’s like you just got dressed – and you’ve just spent a whole day riding in them in the mud and in the rain!”

You can learn more about the new MT500 collection by visiting Endura’s website here. 

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