- - Exercise and do Laundry with the Tuvie Bike Washing Machine

Exercise and do Laundry with the Tuvie Bike Washing Machine


Had the Bike Washing Machine existed back in the day, perhaps the Maytag Repairman could have gotten a few things laundered while he was standing around waiting for a service call.

Unfortunately, back then going green and environmental sustainability were phrases not yet conceived.

However, thanks to a group of eco-conscious students at Dalian Nationalities University, they came up with a concept that not only encourages exercise, but also yields clean under- britches as well.


The concept is called the Juvie Bike Washing Machine (BWM), that relies upon simple pedal action to rotate its self-contained the wash-drum, which  doesn’t require any kind of external water supply or plumbing.


While the BWM remains only a concept, one can’t help but think of the implications it could have.

Indeed, imagine an actual road going version that would allow cyclists to do laundry to and from work, school, shopping or wherever?

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