- - Exposure Revo Dynamo Bike Light

Exposure Revo Dynamo Bike Light


If you’re a randonneur or adventure cyclist, Exposure’s Revo Dynamo light might be the perfect solution for uninhibited excursions without the need of charging lights before you head out.

In addition to Exposure’s 6V/3W hub that keeps the Revo Dynamo charged with up to 800 lumens of power once a cyclist gets up to about 15mph, it also features a unique function which allows the light to remain shining at half power for up to 10 minutes when stopped. 

The light also features a ‘Smart Port’ output that allows a cyclist to run either the brand’s matching Red Eye rear light or charge a device via a USB adaptor.


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The Revo is Exposure Lights tried, tested and much loved dynamo powered light. Providing up to 800 lumens of power that is only limited by your endurance, it is the new must have for adventure riding, touring and commuting.

Stand Light Technology allows the Revo to remain lit when you stop cycling, the output dims but will last for up to an hour at a low level. The retained energy allows you to quickly get up to full power when you start cycling again or get your tent up for a night in the wilderness.

The Revo features reduced Smart Port technology allowing an Exposure Red Eye rear light to be used for a complete battery free lighting solution.


– Stand Light
– Dynamo Powered
– Smart Port Technology + (RedEye only)
– Intelligent Thermal Management
– Hand Made in the UK



Revo Dynamo

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