- - Fabric Adds New Saddle Models

Fabric Adds New Saddle Models

Following on the success of their hugely popular Scoop saddle, which hit the scene about a year ago, Fabric has launched a new range of saddles to its line-up of products. 

The latest additions, are the Cell, Line and Tri, all boasting their own anatomical benefits and targeted audiences. 

The Cell is perhaps the most unique looking of the three, which features a seres of gel-like pyramid air pockets, that Fabirc calls – Hex-air. Each cell can compress individually to maximizes comfort, while at all times, able to maintain its shape.

The Cell comes with hollow chromoly rails, with a claimed weight of 360g. In addition, it’s wider than Fabric’s other saddles, measuring 155mm, making it the best choice for touring and  adventure cycling – where comfort trumps speed.

The Line uses a split, single piece, full-length pad with a central relief channel to decrease pressure on the pudendal artery. According to Fabric, the Line “is supremely comfortable for those longer days in the saddle”, by virtue of its ability to support the sit bones with lightweight foam padding, while it’s also able to relieve pressure on the pudendal artery via its central relief channel. 

The Line is 6mm narrower than the Scoop,and a 134mm wide.

Fabric says the three piece construction of the Scoop made it possible to add the channel without having to reinforce it. It’s available with hollow titanium rails, with a claimed weight of 237g, or hollow chromoly rails at 250g.

As the name implies, Fabric’s Tri saddle is designed to suit the specific requirements of triathlon and time trial segment, by offering a shorter length saddle, and a centralized relief channel. Fabric says, the Tri saddle is “designed for performance but not at the expense of comfort”.

In addition, Fabric has developed a clever clip-on bottle mount that attaches to the rear of the saddle, and the Tri is available in an array of colors.

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