- - Feedback Sports Integrates Its Maintenance App with Strava

Feedback Sports Integrates Its Maintenance App with Strava


Feedback Sports has announced, that its popular maintenance app now integrates with the Strava, allowing users to plan their next bike maintenance based on mileage data tracked by the fitness app. 

Feedback Sports first launched its maintenance app three years ago, with the goal of providing cyclists with a valuable tool to log and track general service intervals, repairs and equipment upgrades. However, before integrating with Strava, the app relied upon dates instead of mileage, to remind users when it was time for service or replacement.

According to Feedback Sport’s vice president, Jeff Nitta, the company received ongoing requests from users to make the app based on actual  mileage to trigger maintenance reminders, and not time alone. 

“The most logical solution to this request was to make our app compatible with Strava,” Nitta said.

As a result, the updated app can now help users conduct routine maintenance intervals based on mileage such lubing their chain, servicing their suspension fork and monitoring tire wear. 

Because the app is free, Nitta says the goal was not to make money, but rather help promote the Feedback Sports brand. 

“Making a profit on the app wasn’t priority. We decided that if we did it right, they (consumers) would be touching our brand more frequently.” “We know that our competition isn’t another brand, it’s people not knowing who we are are.”

Nita says, so far the iOS version of the app has garnered approximately 6,000 users, while its Android counterpart has about a 1,000, with users  spanning the globe. 

Additionally, Nitta believes the app might prove useful for bike shops, allowing them to estimate needed service and diagnose problems for their customers, along with plans to improve the app to where it can provide bike retailers with the ability set up profiles for new bikes and alert owners when it’s time for maintenance. 

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This free maintenance app was initially designed to log and track all the service/upgrades performed on your bike(s). If you have sticky notes and random receipts stuffed in drawers to help you keep track of when you last did what to which bike, you would appreciate this app. Keeping track of tires, chains, sealant, lube, components, etc. can feel like a full time job. Factor in multiple bikes and it only gets more complicated. The Feedback maintenance app takes care of that. And now, it’s compatible with Strava.

Jeff Nitta (Vice President of Feedback Sports) explains, “Up until this point, push notifications for maintenance reminders were based on time and dates but the number one request from users was to have mileage based reminders. The most logical solution to this request was to make our app compatible with Strava.”

Now you can link your Strava account for mileage based tracking and maintenance reminders.

  • Want to lube your chain every 100 miles?
  • How many miles ago did you have your suspension fork serviced?
  • How long do your components/tires last?

Your Strava mileage data will trigger push notifications to your phone for all of these common bike maintenance activities. Annnnnnd it’s free. Has anyone mentioned this? Get your bikes dialed. Your bike shop will thank you when you actually have an answer for “When was the last time you maintained your bike?” and/or “what did you do?”

*Available on Android and IOS.

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