- - The FEND Folding Bike Helmet

The FEND Folding Bike Helmet


I swear, the urban cycling culture is rapidly starting to surpass all of the technical prowess and sartorial bliss that us roadies thought we held sway over all these years.

Indeed, togs and tech of seemingly unimaginable design, continue to emerge on what appears to be a weekly basis for the urban cyclist. Whether it’s high-brow technical wear that’s aimed at combining performance, safety and practicality, or some sort of a new far-flung gubbins which further serves to integrate the cyclist and the bike within the ever-evolving mainframe of technology, by comparison roadies are lucky to see a new twist on the water bottle come their way.

The latest invention of note, is the FEND folding bike helmet, which is as much a practical design, as it is a marvel of engineering excellence.


Banishing bulk, the FEND easily folds into a sliver of its actual size, allowing cyclist to stow it virtually anywhere – especially on the fly.

The minimalist construction of the FEND is comprised of a hard ABS shell, which like all high end bike helmets, surpasses both U.S. and European safety standards and certifications. 


The designers of the FEND undertook a successful crowd-funding campaign on Kickstarter back in October, which garnered enough backers to see the helmet make its way from the drawing board and onto the heads of cyclists world-wide.

You can learn more about the FEND here.   






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