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FlexiModal’s BicyLift

Not every product in the bicycle trade has to come in the form of a high-end bike or related accessory in order to be exciting.

In fact, some of the most innovative and impressive products to emerge these days fall more rightly under the banner of urban cycling, like far-flung eBikes and cargo bikes.

Speaking of cargo bikes, the French company FlexiModal has introduced what’s perhaps the most utilitarian piece of urban bike equipment to date, the BicyLift.

The emissions-free BicyLift is designed to carry standard-sized Euro pallets that measure 120 x 80 cm, with a carrying capacity of around 400 lbs.

Equipped with a three-position drawbar, the BicyLift is meant to be versatile and easily maneuverable.

In addition to being pulled behind a bike (where it’s brakes work in conjunction with the bicycle’s), BicyLift can be operated by hand or parked.

The BicyLift weighs only 25 kg (55 lb), which features front and rear lighting, and uses a pair of Schwalbe’s 20×2.15″ Big Apple Plus tires wrapped on double-walled rims to handle the heavy load and damp down road vibration. Beyond transporting packaged loads, the trailer can also be used to lift pallets. 

The transport solution is already being employed by several French companies and has even been adopted by couriers in New York City as well.

FlexiModal was founded by Charles Levillain, a mechanical engineer and industrial designer. Passionate about sustainable mobility, he uses his expertise to support urban logistics and thus improve living conditions in towns and cities.

“The two-wheel design makes the trailer easier to move around than the standard pallet jacket, particularly in the crannies of urban centers, to deliver merchandise right to the desired delivery point, out on the roads or right inside shopping centers”, says Levillain.

You can learn more about the BicyLift here:

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