- - Frank Schleck to Receive €2 Million Settlement from RadioShack-Leopard Team

Frank Schleck to Receive €2 Million Settlement from RadioShack-Leopard Team

epa03297953 Luxembourg rider Frank Schleck of the Radioshack Nissan team in action during the 6th stage of the Tour de France 2012 cycling race between Epernay and Metz, France, 06 July 2012.  EPA/YORICK JANSENS BELGIUM OUT

Leopard AG ordered to pay Frank Schleck two million euros

According to the Swiss website,, Frank Schleck has been awarded a €2 million settlement from Leopard AG, after its then RadioShack-Leopard team fired the Swiss rider in 2013, following a suspension for doping.

Schleck tested positive for the banned substance Xipamide during the 2012 Tour de France, and was subsequently handed a retrospective 12-month ban in January of 2013. 

Despite his suspension, Schleck continued to train with the team, but was sacked within days of his return.

At the time, Schleck was in the middle of a four-year contract with RadioShack-Leopard, which was set to run until 2014.

However, the court recently ruled, that the team waited too long to fire him, and therefore owed him the remaining salary and promotional agreements stipulated in his contract. 

2014, Paris - Nice, tappa 06 Saint Saturnin les Avignon - Fayence, Trek Factory 2014, Schleck Frank, Fayence

Schleck eventually returned to racing in 2014, after securing a contract with the new owners of the team, Trek.

He announced his intention to retire from professional racing at the end of this season.

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