- - The Freedom Cycle Hydration System Reimagines the Water Bottle

The Freedom Cycle Hydration System Reimagines the Water Bottle

The humble bicycle still remains the world’s most energy efficient form of transport. And, while advancements in the way of frame and wheel construction, along with the advent of the modern groupset, have had a profound impact on performance, its basic form has largely remained the same for the last 100 years. 

However, one component that has remained unchanged, is the simple water bottle. But, one company is still trying to change that.

While the Freedom Cycle Hydration System is not exactly new, in fact it first launched back in 2009, the Australia-based company has recently undertaken a new crowdfunding campaign in order to scale up production.

The Freedom Cycle Hydration System is based around a unique pin interlocking system that replaces the traditional water bottle cage, with a couple of purpose-built bottles and a tool kit that the company calls its Freedom Ease round bottle, the Freedom Fast aero bottle and the Freedom Fix toolkit.

According to the designer Steve Serpell, the benefit of the Freedom Cycle Hydration System’s unique locking system is that allows cyclists to position their bottle in such way as to let tension dictate how easily it can be removed from the holder on smooth roads, while snugness can be assured on rough terrain. Moreover, basic repair tools can be neatly stowed away in the Freedom Fix toolkit in the event of a flat tire or a small roadside mechanical problem that needs fixing.

“For years we have worked tirelessly to not only make our traditional bottle the best there is, but to offer other elements that will also fit on the pin, therefore making this the only true universal carry system for cycles.”

The Freedom Ease is a traditional round bottle. Generous 650ml volume. Easy to remove, locate and replace even on compact or a ladies frame. Removable top and bottom cap for easy cleaning.

The Freedom Fast is a 550ml aero bottle. Wind tunnel tested, this bottle is not only functional, but quick. Even if you don’t need aero, you will still enjoy the look this bottle brings to the modern frame. Removable top and bottom cap for easy cleaning.

The Freedom Fix is our versatile carry-all container or toolkit. Simple but effective design allows easy access to all your tools and supplies….from BOTH ENDS!!. Wide opening 63 ml top and 50 ml bottom”, says Serpell. 

Freedom Cycle Hydration System is offering special incentives to early backers through its Kickstarter campaign, which you can read more about here.





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