- - Fulcrum Flaunts New E-Racing 4 Wheelset

Fulcrum Flaunts New E-Racing 4 Wheelset

Fulcrum is flaunting its latest E-Racing 4 wheelset, which is specifically aimed at the e-road and e-gravel bike segments.

According to Fulcrum, the E-Racing 4 wheelset features robust 34mm alloy rims and aluminum hubs with 16 rounded, straight-pull, double-butted stainless steel spokes with self-locking aluminum nipples up front and 24 on the rear, along with a steel freehub body, in order to withstand the rigors the extra stress an e-bike motor places on wheels.

“Aware of the constant growth in e-bikes, we have developed the first all-round wheel specifically for this market segment. We have a proven track record in the E-MTB world and we have applied this technical expertise to the latest evolution of current bikes and new way of cycling. E-bikes let you ride further and for longer, or try new routes (or adventures even) that previously seemed impossible. Now you can attempt them more easily and enjoy the views. An approach to cycling that is free of restrictions and that leaves ample space for the cyclist’s personal choices,” explains Fulcrum. 

“In recent years the motors used on road and gravel bikes have also become increasingly powerful, as the performance levels have increased. This has revealed the need for a specific wheel designed to support the greater loads, in terms of weight and torsional stress, at play on the wheel components,” the Italian brand adds. 

The E-Racing 4 wheelset has an internal width of 22mm, which can accommodate tires ranging from 30mm to 45mm wide.

Additionally, the rims are designed around Fulcrum’s 2-Way Fit technology, allowing the use of both clincher and tubeless tires.

The wheelset is available with Shimano HG11, SRAM XDR and Campagnolo N3W driver bodies that sell for 467€ and 475€ respectively, with pricing for Campagnolo to be announced.  

You can learn more about the new E-Racing 4 wheelset by visiting Fulcrum website here.

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