- - Fulcrum Rolls Out New Wave-Shaped Sharq Wheelset

Fulcrum Rolls Out New Wave-Shaped Sharq Wheelset

Fulcrum has rolled out its latest wave-shaped wheelset dubbed the Sharq, featuring a blend of symmetric and asymmetric rim “waves” that vary from 42mm to 47mm in profile with the goal of bolstering both aerodynamics and stability in windy conditions.

Indeed, according to Fulcrum, wind tunnel testing proves that the Sharq’s asymmetric wave shape reduces wind-induced instability by 30% when riding at a 10-degree to 20-degree lean angle, while producing 21% more stability when riding between an upright position and 10-degrees.

Elsewhere, the Sharq spins on Fulcrum’s cup-and-cone hub system and ceramic bearings, while laced with 24 A3RO flat profile steel spokes per wheel.

Additionally, the A3RO spokes have a flattened base to resist twisting and movement, along with a 3mm x .8mm profile for enhanced aerodynamics. Moreover, the spokes are non-touching, thus preventing premature tensioning issues.

Lastly, the Sharq’s mini-hooked design has an internal rim width of 25mm, allowing the wheelset to accommodate tires ranging from 29mm to a whopping 71mm that can be run with tubes or tubeless without the need for rim tape.

Tipping the scales at 1,440g, the Sharq is available with N3W, HG, MicroSpline and XDR free-hub bodies, which sells for $2,800.00.




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