- - Giro and Bell to Integrate 360ºFly Action Cameras into Helmets

Giro and Bell to Integrate 360ºFly Action Cameras into Helmets

Helmet giants, Giro and Bell, have announced their plans to integrate 360Fly’s action camera technology into future helmet designs, thus giving cyclists the ability to capture 360º, 4K ultra hi-definition videos, while eliminating the need for fussy, cumbersome camera mounts.  

“The implications and possibilities of integrating video technology within helmets are profound,” said Terry Lee, Executive Chairman & CEO, BRG Sports. “360fly’s stitchless, single-lens camera combined with the immediacy of its mobile technology, is a game changer for the personal video space. We believe this has the potential to advance the industry into an entirely new realm.”

The 360fly was unveiled last month, featuring unmatched field of view capabilities, along with accelerometer based lens aiming, to include an accompanying app which allows users to control the playback and angle of viewing. 

In addition to its ability to capture unprecedented ride footage, the three companies see this technology as having a safety component as well, whereby cyclists can capture confrontations with motorists, and god forbid, even accident sequences.

However, according 360fly’s  CEO, Peter Adderton, video capturing is just the start of what this technology can provide: 

“Because our lens is seeing virtually everything in all directions, it allows us to develop and build in additional features that allow the helmet to literally communicate, delivering valuable information regarding the surrounding environment, navigation and other types of data relevant to the rider. Ultimately, the helmets will be much like today’s mobile devices, allowing users to enjoy incremental benefits and features through software updates.”

Expect to see more about what Giro and Bell has in store for their new helmets, at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January. 

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