- - A Glimpse at Team Great Britain's One-Piece Carbon Molded Cycling Shoes

A Glimpse at Team Great Britain’s One-Piece Carbon Molded Cycling Shoes


With the summer Olympic Games in Rio right around he corner, some interesting tech gear is starting to emerge.

Take for example, these custom carbon molded cycling shoes made exclusively for Team Great Britain. 

First spotted when Bradley Wiggins showed up at local time trial event a couple of weeks ago, the new shoes are made almost entirely from carbon fiber, and custom molded specifically to the rider’s feet. 

The British track star and current World Hour Record holder, was seen last year wearing a similar one-piece carbon shoe – albeit with laces. 

Great Britain in the 2015 European Track Championships

Interestingly, the shoes are secured by a dial borrowed from Sidi, which is located on the sole of the shoe, thus adding to their aerodynamic properties. 

Additionally, there’s a small rubber grip on the heel to prevent the rider from slipping while walking around track-side.


Just exactly who manufactures the shoes for Team Great Britain is unknown, but similar designs by other companies can cost upwards of $2,000 a pair.

That’s a lot of tea-cakes! 


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