- - Goodyear Launches New Range of Bicycle Tires

Goodyear Launches New Range of Bicycle Tires

Goodyear, whose roots can be traced back to 1898 with the launch of its first product, a bicycle tire, has decided to reestablish itself in the cycling marketplace with launch of a new range of tires.

Goodyear unveiled its new range of performance bicycle tires developed over the past two years in partnership with the Kent International owned, Rubber Kinetics LLC, at its headquarters in Akron, Ohio over the weekend.

“Bicycle tires were one of Goodyear’s first products when it was founded in 1898. We’re excited about our license agreement with Kent and that bicycle tires will once again be sold under the Goodyear brand,” said Nancy Ray, Goodyear’s director of Licensed Products. “This agreement was born out of consumer demand and serves as a natural extension of our core tire business. We couldn’t ignore the statistics on the growth and popularity of cycling and look forward to working with Kent International.”

“This agreement will revolutionize the bicycle industry and meet the growing demands of cycling. We look forward to offering Goodyear-brand products to the consumer with one of the best known and most-respected names in the tire business,” said Scott Kamler, president of Kent International. 

According to Goodyear, all of the rubber compounds for its new range have been developed in-house, with each compound made specifically for each tread pattern.

“We can design a great-looking tread pattern, but if the compound doesn’t work with the knob size and doesn’t interact with the ground the way it’s supposed to, that  tread pattern will not work,” said Musselman, Rubber Kinetics’ president.

The new range of tires comprises more than 100 models across four categories consisting of road, transit, all-terrain/gravel and MTB, plus Goodyear’s own line of tire tubes and tubeless sealant.

The range is being distributed exclusively by Hawley Lambert in the USA, while Goodyear will also sell direct to consumers online later this year at

Goodyear will be debuting its new range of tires to retailers and the public during this month’s at Sea Otter trade show.


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