- - HindSight Edge Rearview Cycling Glasses Launch

HindSight Edge Rearview Cycling Glasses Launch

Following a successful crowd-funding campaign, HindSight Edge rearview cycling glasses have launched, offering cyclists rearward vision without having to shift their focus thanks to two-part angled lenses with scientifically designed semi-transparent mirrors.

Developed by physicist Alex Macdonald, Olympic cycling gold medalist Callum Skinner and optical engineer Bob Henderson, Macdonald came up with the idea for the glasses after experiencing dangerous close-passing incidents on the roads.

“As a regular cyclist, I was aware that knowing what was coming behind me would allow me to make smarter decisions, but I had no way to do it,” said Macdonald.

“HindSight glasses are designed to ensure the preservation of forward-facing vision while adding the capacity to look behind. When riders currently choose to look behind them, they have no option but to choose two completely eliminate their ability to look forward; this leaves them cycling blind, at speed, with no ability to even react to changes in the road ahead. Hindsight glasses allow peripheral vision to be maintained in the forward direction while checking behind, giving effectively the best of both worlds.”

“Given the huge growth in cycling during the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that cycling safety is paramount. HindSight glasses can help new and seasoned cyclists alike to be safer by being more aware of the road around them be safer. We also want to help encourage people to continue cycling post-pandemic rather than reverting to their previous forms of transport to create a more active population and healthier environment with decreased CO2 emissions.”

Skinner adds, “as a passionate cyclist, I’m acutely aware of the importance of road safety. I’m also struck by the potential of HindSight glasses to help professional cyclists reach their peak performance. Managing aerodynamic profile is essential for any elite cyclist, and, by turning back to look over your shoulder, you can easily lose efficiencies in your speed and performance. I believe HindSight glasses provide the answer to this and will change the norm as we know it.”

The HindSight Edge range features three models, the HindSight Edge Sport model, which is available at a discounted pre-order price of £174.99 (full price £199.99), the HindSight Edge Hemp (£209.99) and the HindSight Edge Hemp Core (£219.99).





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