- - HipLock Offers a Range of Home Security Solutions for Your Bike

HipLock Offers a Range of Home Security Solutions for Your Bike

For 10 years Hiplok has been busy securing bikes and developing solutions for every season and situation. As summer travels kick off in full swing, keeping your bikes secure at home contains any number of problems that Hiplok has cleverly built solutions for.

The JAW and ANKR MINI provide lightweight and easy-to-digest pricing for at-home security. While the flagship ANKR, AIRLOK, E-DX, and HOMIE products offer more robust solutions for at-home bike or scooter security.

The JAW compact bike rack has a unique one size fits all design. JAW makes it easy to store multiple bikes in a small space, securely grabbing the wheel and tire with a solid grip via its width adjustable jaw system. JAW is suitable for inside or outside and can be mounted at the appropriate height to store bikes either vertically or horizontally depending on your bike storage requirements.

The ANKR MINI provides a compact locking point for all the family’s two-wheel rides. Based on the unique design of the brand’s bigger ground and wall ANKR, this smaller version pairs with a Z LOK or D-lock to keep your bike or scooter safe inside or outside. The unique design means mounting bolts are inaccessible once a lock is in place, giving solid security when in use but allowing ANKR MINI to be relocated if required.

The AIRLOK is the ultimate aesthetically pleasing and secure bike hanger for any place you ride to or from. A premium hardened steel frame with secure wall fixings and 30mm diameter hardened steel locking bolt combine to give maximum protection. Independently tested and rated at Sold Secure’s maximum Gold Standard, AIRLOK also allows you to store your bike at height to maximize available space. 

ANKR Designed for use with Hiplok’s high-security chain and D locks, the all-new Hiplok ANKR is the first bike security anchor with a unique easy-fit design. ANKR features a premium hardened steel cylindrical outer case and rotating inner that cannot be removed when mated with a lock. Independently tested and awarded Maximum Gold Level Security for both motorcycles and bicycles by Sold Secure, ANKR is suitable for inside or outside use.

The E-DX is a combo D Lock, noose chain and Z LOK security tie. Designed for eBikes and cargo bikes but suitable for any bike, its 14mm hardened steel shackle and 10mm hardened steel chain provide worry-free security at home or on the go. Holding a Sold Secure Gold rating, the E-DX comes with three coded, replaceable keys and Hiplok’s lifetime warranty. 

The HOMIE is a chain lock designed for at-home use. It has a 1.5m locking length, a 12mm hardened steel shackle and a 10mm hardened steel chain. The HOMIE also comes with a wall hook, always keeping it ready to lock your bikes. It is Sold Secure Gold rated, and comes with three coded, replaceable keys and a lifetime warranty.


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