- - Hunt Launches New 32 Aerodynamicist Disc Wheelset

Hunt Launches New 32 Aerodynamicist Disc Wheelset

Hunt has launched its latest set of hoops called the 32 Aerodynamicist, touting a balance between weight and aerodynamics that set them apart from most disc brake specific wheelsets.

Featuring a 32mm UD carbon hookless rim, the tubeless wheelset tips the scales at a feathery 1213g, while its externally and internally parameters of 25mm and 21mm allow for tires up to a beefy 28mm.

“We created the 32 UD Carbon Spoke wheelset for riders who seek out the high mountains. The result of extensive research and development, and years of experience progressing proprietary HUNT Aerodynamicist designs, we paired lightweight, hookless rims with UD Carbon Spokes for added lateral stiffness, as well as further weight reduction. Laced to our new cold-forged Sprint SLC hubs with rapid 7.5-degree engagement and enhanced power transfer, this wheelset is exceedingly lightweight at 1213 grams, while still offering the responsiveness, reliability and serviceability that HUNT riders have come to expect,” boasts the British brand. 

At the center of the 32 Aerodynamicist, are Hunt’s new Sprint SLC hubs with TaperLock technology, which are laced with unidirectional carbon spokes and standard spoke nipples, allowing the carbon spokes to be easily replaced or trued via standard tools.

“Our spokes have 6% more laterally responsive than identical steel spoked wheels, with significantly less weight, while benefiting from the high-frequency vibration absorption capabilities of carbon fiber in the UD spokes, as well as the rim.” explains Hunt. 

The 32 Aerodynamicist wheelset fetches £1,199, which are available with the usual free hub options from Shimano, SRAM and Campagnolo freehub, with availability expected in late May.

Key Features:

    • Rims | Hookless/Straight-Sidewall Design | A hookless rim design allows for the lightest possible rim while still maintaining strength and reliability.
    • Tires | 21mm internal rim width, optimized for superior aerodynamic performance with a 28mm tubeless tire. Please note, clincher tires must not be used on hookless rims. Always consult the tyre manufacturer’s guidance for compatibility with hookless rims.
    • FastEngage 7.5 Hubs | New Sprint SLC straight-pull hubs, designed for carbon spokes. 15mm diameter 7075-T6 body and axle for supreme strength-to-weight. Circular dropout interface steps for added security in fitment. 3x treble-tooth pawls, resulting in rapid 7.5˚ engagement. Steel spline inserts to protect the cassette body.
    • EZO Stainless Steel Bearings | High-grade Japanese EZO bearings. Rear hub upgraded to even faster rolling LU/LB low-friction sealed internal face, dual sealed external face bearings.
    • Spokes | TaperLock UD carbon spokes offer up to a 30% increase in lateral responsiveness against steel equivalents. Only 2.7g per spoke and yet can handle tightening forces of ~450kgf per spoke.
    • Axles | Easily adaptable & we fit them for you. Fit all current axle sizes and are easy to change; Front – QR, Bolt thru 12/9mm, Rear – QR, Bolt thru 12×142, 12×135, 10×135.
    • Included | Tubeless tape & valves, axle adapters (please fill in the simple form after checkout to select your required size)
    • Weight | 1213g
    • See the full specs here

Please note: If you require a 6 bolt adaptor you can purchase separately here.





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