- - Hunt Unveils New Gravel-Specific Wheelsets

Hunt Unveils New Gravel-Specific Wheelsets

Hunt has unveiled its latest gravel-specific wheelsets dubbed the 25 Carbon Gravel Race Disc and 40 Carbon Gravel Race Disc, tipping the scales at as little as 1380 grams. 

As their names imply, the wheelsets feature rim depths of 25mm and 40mm, respectively, featuring the same hookless rim design found in Hunt’s Limitless series, along with the British brand’s Spring SL hubs, Pillar’s reinforced PSR XTRA spokes and center-lock rotor compatibility.

Additionally, the 25mm wheelset has a 33mm external width, along with a 26mm internal width, while the 40mm version has a slightly narrower internal width of 25mm, allowing both wheelsest to accommodate tires ranging from 28mm to a beefy 65mm with maximum tire pressure of 72.5psi.

“We’ve spent a lot of extra time working on the development of our Sprint hubs. Thanks to refining the CNC process and utilising 6066 alloy in the hub shells we’ve managed to drop a significant amount of weight. Due to this, we can confidently say our front hubs are weighing in around 95 grams, and the rear hub comes in at 230 grams. We’re looking forward to hopefully bringing these reworked hubs out to inline and newer products in the coming months,” says Paddy Blake, Lead Product and Commercial Manager at Hunt Bike Wheels.

As mentioned, Hunt claims the 25mm wheelset weighs in at a feathery 1380 grams, while the 40mm variant only adds an additional 3 grams, which retail for $1,139.00 and $1,159.00, respectively, with availability starting in mid-July. 




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