- - Hutchinson Claims New Challenger TLR Tire Can Last Up to 10,000 Kilometers

Hutchinson Claims New Challenger TLR Tire Can Last Up to 10,000 Kilometers

Hutchinson is claiming its new tubeless Challenger TLR tire can last up to 10,000 kilometers thanks to the French brand’s Hardshield puncture protection, a two-layer construction that not only adds robustness to the tire, but is also designed to provide flexibility and comfort.

According to Hutchinson, extensive testing demonstrated that the Challenger TLR can withstand a force of up to 170 Newtons, in some cases doubling the puncture resistance of the competition, while testers were able to cover some 9,000 kilometers without a flat.

However, perhaps the most appealing aspect of the Challenger TLR, is Hutchinson’s new technology called Airshield, which eliminates the need for tubeless sealant, instead relying on a sealing compound to coat the inside of the tire itself, while a second coat around the bead makes for an airtight system.

“The inside of the tire incorporates a butyl layer that flexes as it moves, while a second abrasion-resistant coating is applied to the beads that ensures a long-lasting airtight connection to the rim. This also eliminates fabric reinforcement of the bead as to increase sidewall flexibility,” explains Hutchinson.

Other features that highlight the Challenger TLR include a three-layer 127tpi carcass and a new Endurance Bi-Compound rubber that’s used in the tread, as well as softer shoulders for grip and a harder central tread that’s designed to reduced rolling resistance and bolster durability.

Weighing in at 385 grams for the smallest width, the Challenger TLR won’t win any plaudits from the weight weenies faction, but durability comes at a cost.

Available in three variants, 25mm, 28mm and 32mm, the Challenger TLR sells for €59.99.

Additionally, Hutchison also offers a traditional clincher version of Challenger, which is available in the same widths, along with an optional tan sidewall in the 28mm version.

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