- - INgSOC "Extraterrestrial" eBike

INgSOC “Extraterrestrial” eBike

This “out of this world”, extraterrestrial inspired eBike, is the design concept of Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli.

Officially called the, INgSOC, the radial design combines the aerodynamic shapes of a triathlon bike, the flexible handling of a traditional road bike, along with advanced hybrid power technology – to create one super-efficient commuting bike that looks as unearthly as its name implies. 

The frame is constructed from unidirectional carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP), in order to yield the ideal strength to weight ratio. 

Behind the seat is a removable battery pack, with a battery charge level indicator on the handle. This is the power source for the bike’s electric motor underneath. The rider could choose to zip through traffic powered solely by the motor, or ensure a smooth pedal action by getting some assistance from the motor, or pedal only for those occasions when the battery runs dry or the cyclist feels like keeping fit. While in pedal-only mode, some of the energy generated by the rider would be directed to the battery pack to charge it.

There’s a smartphone dock on the hump of the upper part of the frame to keep the rider in touch with the world while on the move or perhaps act as a GPS or wireless performance monitor. Lighting is included in the design, with direction indicators built-in.

Although still a concept at the moment, the designers are currently looking into taking the INgSOC rendering to the prototyping stage with the help of Steven Mora from Digital Fabrications Laboratory at the University of New Mexico.

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