- - Investigators Turn to Armstrong's Girlfriend for Answers

Investigators Turn to Armstrong’s Girlfriend for Answers

According to reports, the US government has subpoenaed Lance Armstrong’s girlfriend, Anna Hansen, for questioning in its civil case against the disgraced cyclist.

The government is looking to recoup $100 million on behalf of the US Postal Service, who sponsored Armstrong over the years, before he admitting to doping more than two years ago.

The US Postal Service claims that Armstrong violated his contract under the False Claims Act, by using performance enhancing drugs to win his seven Tours de France victories. During which time, the USPS paid more that $30 million to Armstrong’s team, which entitles them to triple damages if they win the case.

The government says Armstrong “made false statements in order to get the USPS to make sponsorship payments to the team and to avoid the team’s obligation to repay.”

Investigators have plans to question Hansen, regarding Armstrong’s history of lying and concealing his illegal doping practices.

“Until his confession, Armstrong told only those closest to him the truth about his drug-fueled success as a cyclist,” the government stated in response to Armstrong’s attorneys’ plea to dismiss the subpoena.

“The United States is entitled to learn what Armstrong told those confidants, including Anna Hansen, about his use of performance enhancing drugs, his acts of concealment, and other matters relating to his litigation.”

In February, Armstrong pleaded guilty to charges of reckless driving in Aspen, after allowing Hansen to initially take the blame for the accident they were involved in. 

Armstrong reportedly did so, in order to stay out of the media limelight, which has only sought to push federal investigators to dig deeper into what else Armstrong has lied about.

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