- - Is the WX-R Vorteq the World's Most Expensive Track Bike?

Is the WX-R Vorteq the World’s Most Expensive Track Bike?

Fetching a whopping £60,000, the WX-R Vorteq may very well be the most expensive track bike ever conceived.

But, what makes it so expensive?

For starters, the Vorteq uses a proprietary ratio of high modulus carbon fiber that WX-R isn’t willing to disclose. But, perhaps more importantly, the bike underwent a series of testing that involved everything from CAD (Computer Aided Design), to FEA (Finite Element Analysis), CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) and static and dynamic structural testing in cycling specific wind tunnels in order to achieve the ultimate balance of low aerodynamic drag, low weight and optimal stiffness.

Curiously, unlike most framesets, the Vorteq is offered completely à la carte, wherein the fork (£5,000), wheels (£6,000), integrated handlebar/stem (£10,000), upper seatpost (£3,000) and saddle (£3,000) are all selected separately of the frame.

All in, the Vorteq can set you back almost $80,000!

The Vorteq is offered in just two sizes (small and medium), which are available directly from the British brand. 

So, there you have it, likely the world’s most expensive track bike that’s made by arguably the world’s worst cooks. 😉









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