- - Jens Voigt Will Attempt 24-hour "Everest Challenge"

Jens Voigt Will Attempt 24-hour “Everest Challenge”

Before stage four, all traces of a lighthearted Jens Voigt were gone, replaced by seriousness and determination, saying that racing was about to get real in the Tour of Utah.

The new year will start with a new challenge for one of the most passionate professionals of all time, as Jens Voigt will tackle “Jensie’s Everest Challenge” to raise funds for the Tour du Cure, an organization benefiting the fight against cancer.

On January 2nd, Jens will start a monumental effort in the early morning hours that will last approximately 24 hours. Jens will ride up and down the famous Berlin Teufelsberg, his home-mountain which features about 90 meters of elevation.

“Of course people might think I am crazy to do something like this” Voigt acknowledges. “But hey, I never said I wasn’t crazy, right? Ha-ha. After my hour record a while back, which was already a special achievement, this is something I want to do for two reasons. First and foremost, I was touched by the amazing charity work of the Tour de Cure and I want to help raise as much awareness and funds for the fight against cancer as possible. The second reason is that I love to challenge my limits. I love to go above and beyond, trying to see what my body and mind are capable of. And what’s a better way to do this than riding my bike for 24 hours – climbing the equivalent of the Mount Everest? It will possibly be the ride that embodies my motto “Shut up Legs” like nothing else I’ve ever done on the bike before. I’ll probably yell at my legs most of the second 12 hours!”

Voigt will start in the early morning hours January 2nd and finish his effort around 24 hours later. He welcomes fans, fellow riders, supporters and everyone who would like to be part of this epic event to drop by, cheer him on, or ride next to him for a while. For those who can’t be in Berlin, Jens will post pictures and live videos on his Facebook Fan Page.


Voigt says, “I will start at midday on Monday the 2nd January and I will finish at approx midday on the 3rd of January. I am planning a total time of about 24 hrs.. a complete day. My pure riding time will be quicker, but I will stop a few times to eat or drink and to do some pictures or short videos for my social media followers, because I want them to be involved and I want them to be part of the 24hrs of riding. How can people support me: You can follow me online. I will post something every hour about my progress and how I feel including some short videos. I will post a link the donation site, please help me to reach my objective. Every dollar you give will benefit Tour de Cure. Can people join me on that climb: Of course they can. It’s open for everyone and I invite you to ride one or two laps with me and help me making it through this challenge. If you live on another continent, ride on ZWIFT and send me your mental support. Only together we can beat this disease.”

People all over the world can donate to Tour de Cure here:

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