- - JonnyMole Unveils Radical New DREAM MACHINE 2.5 Concept Gravel Bike

JonnyMole Unveils Radical New DREAM MACHINE 2.5 Concept Gravel Bike

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, the design studio of JonnyMole has unveiled its radical Dream Machine 2.5. concept bike, touting it as a “bold vision for the next chapter in gravel bike evolution.”

“Our Dream Machine 2.5 merges advanced technologies with a captivating design, featuring a unique dual-frame that not only gives the bike a distinctive presence on the road but also delivers superior performance and the ability to integrate a wide range of accessories,” boasts JonnyMole.

Its key features of the DREAM MACHINE 2.5 include:

  • Revolutionary dual-frame structure: The custom frame with two top tubes and two down tubes allows unprecedented customization, enabling cyclists to seamlessly integrate bags and luggage to tackle any adventure with style and convenience.
  • Innovative integrated saddle: With a rear opening for smoother and more flexible riding, it follows the cyclist’s movement on any terrain.
  • Cantilever Generative Design seatpost: Ensures a smooth and comfortable ride even on the most irregular paths.
  • Integrated lights and brakes: Not only do they improve overall aerodynamics, but they also offer a practical and aesthetically pleasing solution.
  • A steering group with integrated extensions: Provides an ideal position for optimal comfort and maximum performance, even during the longest rides.

JonnyMole is no stranger to the cycling industry, as the Italian firm has collaborated with such brands as Colnago, Selle Italia, Wilier, KASK and Shimano to name a few.

As far as production of the DREAM MACHINE 2.5 is concerned, little else is disclosed by JonnyMole. But, rest assured if the bike becomes available, it won’t come cheap.






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