- - Katusha Sports Unveils New Range of Cycling Apparel

Katusha Sports Unveils New Range of Cycling Apparel


For Riders by Pro riders reads as Katusha Sports’ credo, as it relates to their new line of cycling apparel. 

We previously teased readers with a small glimpse of Katusha’s line, but as of this week, we were treated to a full array of the Russian brand’s glorious new range of cycling togs.  

The new clothing project is being helmed by two of Mavic’s former top executives, Jean Philippe-Torgue and Mathieu Danel, who will oversee Katusha’s three tier range, consisting of the Essential, the Beyond and the Breakaway.

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According to Katusha, the Essential caters to the enthusiast, who seeks style and sophistication that is more on the understated side, while  both the Beyond and the Breakaway take on a more bold approach to details – especially if you’re an avid follower of the Katusha team itself.   

Employing some of the most sophisticated textiles and design technology available, Philippe-Torgue says, “Katusha Sports is right in between the technical and the designer brands.” “We want to be contemporary and modern, not to position ourselves in history like some other brands.”

All three ranges consist of jerseys, bibshorts, base layers, arm warmers, socks and caps.

And, with the Essential, there’s a light wind jacket, vest and leg warmers to compliment the line. 

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The apparel can be purchased directly from Katusha on their webshop, or through participating dealers in and around Europe. And, with any luck, us yanks will see a network of dealers on these shores as well. 

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